Technical Analysis

Falcon7 - Strategy Design, Scanning and Execution

  • Download setup and historical database from internet
  • Way to find missing data.
  • Get dependable adjusted daily data from 1990 for BSE. From inception for NSE
    equities, futures, options, NCDEX, MCX commodities and international markets.
  • Rolling data for Futures
  • Get delivery data for bse and nse.
  • Get FII DII turnover.
  • Get Historical Intraday data
  • Exchangewise daily intraday files are available.
  • Load any number of tick level data.
  • Live data available for NSE Cash, NSE F & O, BSE Cash,
    MCX Commodities and NSE Currency Futures.
  • Handle multiple exchanges / segments in a single application.
  • Get streaming tick by tick data for all symbols
  • Data available from multiple servers.


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For Falcon7-Internet based service-

For BSE Cash or NSE Cash or NSE CUR

Rs 29,000/- per segment per year

User - Rs. 32,585/ year (Rs. 29,000 + 12.36% tax)
*Prices subject to change


Rs 33,000/- Rs.29,000/- per segment per year

User - Rs. 32,585/ year (Rs. 29,000 + 12.36% tax)
*Prices subject to change

For MCX Com

Rs 36,000/- Rs.29,000/- per segment per year

User - Rs. 32,585/ year (Rs. 29,000 + 12.36% tax)
*Prices subject to change

For Falcon7- Leaseline service-

For BSE Cash or NSE Cash

Rs 18,000/- per segment per year

User - Rs. 20,225/ year (Rs. 18,000 + 12.36% tax)
*Prices subject to change

For NSE Cash FNO

Rs 25,000/- per segment per year

User - Rs. 28,090/ year (Rs. 25,000 + 12.36% tax)
*Prices subject to change

For MCX Com

Rs 20,000/- per segment per year

User - Rs. 22,472 / year (Rs. 20,000 + 12.36% tax)
*Prices subject to change

Falcon7 Image tour

Ichimoku Indicator on Normal Bar Chart

Profitability Testing

Bar Chart with Gann Fan


Falcon7 offers many benefits to traders with different experience levels

  • Develop a trading system
    You need a systematic, rule based plan to make statistically right decisions.
    A system based on your own personal understanding of markets, your appetite for risk, the instruments having good liquidity, and your goals.
  • Spur-of-the moment decisions are not reliable.
    Taking many decisions is tiring, forcing many to take a few large trades. Start trading with your head, not your heart.
    Success in the markets = survival and profits.
  • Falcon7
    A framework for developing trading systems so that you can objectively engage in taking profits out of the markets.
  • You can create an unlimited number of custom trading strategies.
    Back-test and optimize your strategies before you trade, using the industry’s largest and most extensive historical market database. Monitor multiple instruments and automatically execute* your trading strategies based on your own custom buy and sell rules.
  • Spend more time developing and refining strategies in less time .
    Many of the strategy development available today are language based, so difficult to learn and use. Falcon7, however, has intuitive interface, easy to learn concepts, and an exceptional built-in conditions and signals.
  • With Falcon7 Simulator
    You can even test your trading ideas and strategies in simulated live trading—without risking a cent of your own money.
  • Be with the industry leader
    Reliable Software has been creating powerful technical analysis since 1990 and we currently have thousands of clients all over India. Get professional support when and where you need it. Reliable Software offers excellent support whether you prefer to call our support lines, chat with a rep over web chat, get problem fixed using remote support or browse our FAQ’s on the web.

Falcon7 Sets the Standard in Charting

Falcon7 offers many benefits to traders with different experience levels

  • No other in the market gives you sharper, more revealing charts than Falcon7.
  • Page Layouts help you save time and stay organized. Save all of your on-screen charts together like pages in a book. So whenever you open your layout, the same securities appear.
  • Templates also save you time by applying the same set of indicators and studies to different securities. Rotate through different securities while keeping the same indicators and line studies on the screen.

Falcon7's Indicators

  • Analyze the market with the insight of the most respected traders in history with Falcon7's comprehensive collection of over 200 indicators. Falcon7's built-in indicator interpretations even help you understand how to interpret each indicator. For advanced users, The Indicator Builder lets you change input data, creating new unique indicators. CLICK HERE for the complete list of indicators

Signal Search - Scan Markets to Find Buying or Selling Opportunities.

Finding profitable trading opportunities starts with scanning the markets for securities that meet your criteria. With hundreds of active instruments, this is an overwhelming and next to impossible task.

However, Falcon7's built-in Scan tool, The Signal Search, makes it quick and simple. Tell The Signal Search what you're looking for—say you want stocks that are above their 10 day average and have just crossed above their 30 minute moving average. The Explorer searches thousands of securities to instantly find those that match this condition. You can then run The Signal Search in automatic mode to get alerts as when any security matches the condition.

You can also use The Signal Search to generate a list of potential movers, find the biggest gainers, the most active stocks, or generate daily buy and sell signals. You already have ideas now give yourself the power.

Action Watch - Keep a watch on securities in action like New Highs / New Lows. Select from over 40 pre defined price/volume actions and get real-time alerts as and when any security is in action.

  • Group Chart
  • Pivot Watch
    Check pivot levels for your group
  • Nifty Watch
    Find out the impact of price change in various scrips on NIFTY.