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Software Name: FALCON

Key Features:A no-nonsense technical analysis software that enables you to:

  • Receive real-time feed of NSE-Cash & Derivatives from: - Our servers via Internet
  • Receive data as fast as the exchange terminals.
  • Instantly switch from a tick chart to a minute/ daily/ weekly/ monthly/ quarterly chart.
  • Open multiple auto-refreshing charts.
  • Use 35+ popular indicators.
  • Get live list of turnover toppers, gainers and losers.
  • See pivot, support and resistance reports.
  • Scan all companies and find those satisfying price or volume conditions.
  • Set price and volume based alerts for any number of companies.
  • Watch bulk deals in all the stocks.
  • Keep track of stocks opening with gaps, making new highs/lows.
  • Update live rates in MS Excel using DDE.

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