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Millionaire Roadmap Trading Option by Nilesh Sarda(BE) ( 2019,Feb-16,17,23,24 and 2019 Mar-2 and 3 )

Millionaire Roadmap Trading Option

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Date: 2019,Feb-16,17,23,24 and 2019 Mar-2 and 3

Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Speaker: Nilesh Sarda(BE)

Brief Description:

Do you want to grow your saving 30% to 40% annually?

Do you want to grow your money by trading weekly option?

visit https://www.moneymint.net/option-trader to join free workshop in Mumbai on Feb 16, 17, 23, 24, and march 2,3 2019

Do you know you can consistently earn money week on week and month on month by trading options?

Learn skills to earn money when market crashes in free webinar.

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Join Free one day workshop in Mumbai on 2019, Feb 16, 17, 23, 24 and March 2, 3 to learn Option Trading Strategies that can deliver 90% winning trades & reliable steady income month after month.


"Bread and butter" options income strategies that have generated consistent PROFITS over the past 15 years with extremely low risk...Our trade criteria and methodology identifies the best options trading opportunities that have the highest probability of generating the highest level of income with the lowest level of risk.

Follow a PROVEN blue-print for steady income. EARN Rs 20000, Rs 50000, Rs 100000, or More.. while never actually owning any Stock and risking small amount..by stock trading option.

Learn how to EARN 40%+ profit in 5 days trading weekly option strategies and for conservative trader LEARN to earn 50 % annually with 90% chance of profiting each time...Discover the best times to trade weekly options trading strategies and the best times to avoid trading options due to risk.

No more struggling to EARN Consistent Income trading options...Leverage over 18 years of professional options trading experience to help YOU achieve consistent income in bull, bear, and flat markets!

Just 15 minutes a day ----Learn to trade in option and earn 50 % annual return .

Learn skills to make money in crashing market using call option put option.

Setting goals

Risk management and money management

Go win Attitude


Fees: Free Seminar

For Queries, Please contact: Mumbai Support Team @ (022)-40918900 / 40178900

LEARN THE MIRACLE OF JB- JYOTI (JODI) BUDHIA (BHAV) for F-O by Jyoti Budhia ( 2019/03/17 )


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Place: Webinar

Date: 2019/03/17

Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Speaker: Jyoti Budhia

Brief Description:
  At B K Training we are interested in creating OPTIONS awareness. So 1 day Seminar/Webinar is planned by us at nominal cost, which can make every market participant OPTIONS LITERATE. Please forward to all your friends/Clients/Groups who trade in stock market.

Course contents :
1)How to trade options using charts
2)How to Trade Expiry
3)Open interest of futures
4)How to trade weekly NIFTY & BANK NIFTY OPTIONS
5)Option chain and calculation of the price movements for the month
6)Designing excel sheet as per option chain calculation
7)Using Simple trading techniques from Charts and trade futures/options accordingly

Venue :: B K Training - Goregaon East or Online/Webinar

Fees: Rs 7500/- (plus taxes) per person

For Queries, Please contact: Mumbai Support Team @ (022)-40918900 / 40178900

Trading Strategies Bootcamp By StockEdge by Mr. Chetan Panchamia (B.COM, Diploma in Capital Markets) and Mr. Souradeep Dey (B.E. (Info Tech), MBA (Finance) Trader and Trainer) ( 22/02/2019 and 23/02/2019 )

Trading Strategies Bootcamp By StockEdge

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Place: Chennai

Date: 22/02/2019 and 23/02/2019

Time: : 8 am to 5 pm

Speaker: Mr. Chetan Panchamia (B.COM, Diploma in Capital Markets) and Mr. Souradeep Dey (B.E. (Info Tech), MBA (Finance) Trader and Trainer)

Brief Description:

"Trading Strategies Bootcamp By StockEdge"

  StockEdge Club is a unique concept which is helping people to not just learn the various aspects of market through its bundled offerings including StockEdge premium annual subscription but also connecting the participant with market experts for real time doubt clearing, concept building& Idea generation.

Agenda :

Next Level Technical Analysis: Critical aspects of ADX , ATR , Bollinger Band and Supertrend indicators.

Earnings play strategy to capture high momentum earning reaction in F&O stocks-- A fixed rule based intraday strategy which will     operate on a risk reward ratio of 2:1 and this will cover F&O stocks in India.

ADX and Supertrend based momentum strategies in hourly and daily time-frame to capture medium to long term bullish and bearish   moves.

Decoding Option basics.

Using State of the Art StockEdge combination scans to combine Fundamental and Technical Analysis criteria together in one scan   which will be helpful for short and medium term trading. Exploring proprietary scanners in StockEdge Premium version.

Understanding Bank Nifty Thursday Expiry Setup - This intra-day strategy will take place depending on the type of the market   (breakout or range). This strategy operates on a risk reward ratio of 2:1.

BankNifty Matrix: Methodical approach to bank Nifty options trading based on custom arrangement and rule. To identify the market   which is trending and trade only in special situations. High focus on role of BankNifty constituents and their weightages.

Intraday scalping strategy in 5, 15 minutes and 60 minutes time frame, scalping based on breakouts.

Fees: 12500 +18% GST

For Queries, Please contact: : Mumbai Support @ (022) – 40918900 / 40178900