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Practical Nifty And BankNifty Weekly Options Strategies with Monthly Win Rate of 95 % by Mr Ajay Shukla, Chartered Accountant (Options Strategist) ( 2018/09/01 )

Practical Nifty And BankNifty Weekly Options Strategies with Monthly Win Rate of 95 %

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Place: : Mumbai

Date: 2018/09/01

Time: Saturday – 10 AM to 5:30 PM (Course includes study materials, lunch and refreshment)

Speaker: Mr Ajay Shukla, Chartered Accountant (Options Strategist)

Brief Description:

Options Hedging Strategies

The program is extensively focused on special practical hedging strategies. The theoretical standard book strategies like straddle, strangle, butterfly etc. are useful but have their limitations. Hence he program will go beyond these book strategies and will cover non-directional practical strategies. These are research strategies, time proven for 4 years and expected to earn consistent profits with high success rate. These research strategies are based on the principle “Manage Risk, Safety First”. Each strategy has strong risk control mechanism so as to ensure that loss, if any, is minimum and profit can be any amount.

The strategies are non-directional but the market is not. It always keeps moving in either of directions. Hence the important aspect for the strategy to be profitable is the adjustments to the trades that we make as the market moves beyond a point. The adjustments to (or driving of) strategy ensures safety of capital and consistency in profits. Each strategy will be discussed with defined adjustments process as to the logical action steps, rules and actual trade performance.

1. Nifty practical Options Strategies

The coverage will be 8 different Nifty strategies categorised under 3 groups. You will see demo of one Nifty strategy on Fox Trader

Group 1: Nifty Positional Strategies
Strategies of Options buying & Options selling trades for duration of 1 week to 4 weeks. The aim is to capture the best profit potential of a volatile as well as range bound market while restricting loss to zero or minimum
Group 2: Options Writing Strategies
Strategies focused on theta (time value decay) and volatility
Group 3: Expiry Strategies
Strategies to take advantage of expiry day price behaviour. Expiry day is a special day and generally professional traders apply their own strategies this day

2. Quarterly Result Stock Strategy:
The course will also cover event strategy for quarterly earnings announcement. Every quarter is an opportunity to trade Options strategy to take advantage of volatility in premium. This once in a quarter strategy provides a very high ROI with low risk

3. Bank Nifty Weekly Options Strategies – Low risk
Bank nifty weekly Options introduced in June 2016 provide huge opportunities to Options traders. Here the time for expiry is short for weekly options, the premiums are much lower as compared to monthly Options and hence you require less capital to trade these weekly options. It helps Options buyers in terms of high leverage with much better profit %age due low cost and also helps options sellers due faster decay in time value. You can have expiry day every week and chance to earn profits on every Thursday with expiry day strategy. The 52 expiry days a year as against 12 expiry days of other monthly Options
Bank nifty index is highly sensitive & volatile as compared to Nifty. We have special strategies for trading these weekly Options in a scientific way. These are strong strategies with low risk and consistent profits

Overall Strategies Performance :

ROI (Profit % on investment): Average about 9% per month and scope to improve further with Options management Success Rate: Nearly 95% (in terms of profit months) The combined all strategies lead to intra as well as inter strategy hedging and provide high returns, zero to minimum risk and high success rate
It’s true that Past performance does not guarantee future results. But it’s also true that the trades taken with defined strategy and knowledge provides high probability for profits

Invest in knowledge, which is the engine for wealth creation. Simply learn once to earn consistently on your own. The program will meet your expectations on 3 counts, (1) very good returns (2) practically very low risk and (3) ease of trading

This advanced course will be suitable for all those well versed with Options concepts and theory
For individuals not having Options basic knowledge should first attend basic program on Day 1 (2018/07/13, Friday)

Venue : Reliable Software Pvt Ltd.
404 Morya Classic, Off New Link Road, Osiwara Opp. Infinity Mall, Next to Morya Landmark II, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400053

Fees: Rs.17,000 + GST

For Queries, Please contact: Mumbai Support @ (022) – 40918900

Options Strategies Basic course by Mr Ajay Shukla, Chartered Accountant (Options strategist) ( 2018/08/31 )

Options Strategies Basic course

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Place: Mumbai

Date: 2018/08/31

Time: Friday - 4 PM to 8:30 PM (Course includes study materials and refreshment)

Speaker: Mr Ajay Shukla, Chartered Accountant (Options strategist)

Brief Description:

• Basic course on Options Concepts & Terminologies

The program will cover all aspects of Options segment. It covers total knowledge on Options trading. It’s important to logically grasp the concepts and how they can be applied to trading & strategies. These concepts will make it easy to have analytical approach to view based strategies like straddles, strangles etc. and then help to trade actual practical strategies
The agenda of the basic course is as follows

* Introduction to derivatives
* Introduction to Options – Call & Put payoff & Risk-Return
* Options Versus Futures and why Options trading?
* Index and Stock options, BEP of Options
* Options buying Versus Options selling - Risk & returns
* Option price components – Intrinsic value & Time value
* Options pricing (moneyness) - ITM, ATM & OTM
* Selection of strike price
* Options investment - ROI and Success rate parameters
* Options Greeks (application to trading) - Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho
* Options trading rules (best practices)
* Market indicators – Open interest, Put-Call ratio
* Options view based book strategies
-Synthetic derivatives
-Bullish & Bearish strategies
-Straddle & Strangle strategies
-Ratio Spread strategies
-Butterfly & Condor strategies
-Calendar Spread

General brief on Options Trading:

The Futures trading is easy with simple strategy of buy or sell (bullish or bearish) with high risk, high reward. An option trading is at advanced level and provides opportunity to work with multiple strategies limiting downside risk and maximizing profits.

Currently 90%+ of market volume comes from Options segment and that too in index Options. If you are a novice trader, you can trade Options even with a small capital. This course will help you to learn everything on Options basics

Venue: Reliable Software Pvt Ltd.
404 Morya Classic, Off New Link Road, Osiwara
Opp. Infinity Mall, Next to Morya Landmark II, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400053

Fees: Rs.5,000 + tax

For Queries, Please contact: Mumbai Support @ (022) – 40918900